At Jefferson, we’re reimagining the future of higher education, so you can dream bigger, think bolder and push further than humanly possible.

What happens when students work together and disciplines converge? Learning starts to look different and new paths forward are discovered. Our transdisciplinary education brings left and right brain thinking to every field of study, including: architecture, business, design, engineering, fashion & textiles, health, medicine, science and social science. 

Watch the video below to see our students in action and take a closer look at our beautiful East Falls Campus:

Architecture student and professor build model

Architects built to rise

Architecture provides a sense of place in an ever-changing world. From new technologies to sustainability challenges, our programs in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) offer an unparalleled education built to meet modern demands.

Laptop showing student design project

The future’s form is our function

Design pairs creative thought with rigorous process, whether you’re helping businesses connect with their customers through graphic design or developing new products through industrial design. Built upon a strong tradition of forward-thinking education, we continue our legacy as a globally recognized leader in design excellence.

Fashion student design on runway model

Driving fashion forward

As the oldest textile school in the country, we know where fashion has been and how to set the trends for the future. Innovation is woven into the fabric of our program, with students learning every aspect of the industry.

Areas of Interest



Build your career in architecture from the ground up, leveraging big data to create the architectural forms that shape our world.



Our innovative approach to business education combines current markets with emerging sectors to prepare you for the future of commerce.

Group of design students collaborate


Whether you’re aspiring to a career in graphic design or industrial design, your future begins at Jefferson, where you’ll bring left-brain thinking into every discipline.

Professor works with students on engineering project


Develop a working knowledge of detail-oriented process, experimentation and collaboration to bring big ideas to life.

Fashion student pins sketch to the wall

Fashion & Textiles

There’s a reason we’re the oldest textile school in the country and ranked among the nation’s top 20 fashion schools: we know where fashion’s been and where it’s going.

Nursing student monitors patient


At Jefferson, we approach the study of medicine, nursing and healthcare the same way we approach everything else: with a hands-on style and a boundless drive to move us forward.

Students study content under a microscope in the lab


Asking questions is the only way forward. Our science program focuses on applied, clinical and programmatic research to help you advance in your quest to know more.


Social Science

Why do we, as humans, do the things we do? Having a powerful understanding of the social science propels us forward in solving critical social problems.